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When performing a backup, I keep getting an error about the file length?
Reference Number: AA-03432 Views: 8037 Created: 05-20-2019 03:09 PM Last Updated: 05-20-2019 03:09 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

Windows has a character limitation (255) on the total length of a filename (including the directory) and if you happen to be saving to your desktop, this will create long directory even before you backup any files to folder. For example:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\backup\02-19-2010

When you start to backup the IronKey system files, this can get very long and might produce the error.

Try creating a backup folder directly on the C: drive, for example:


Save to this new folder instead, as this will have less characters in the full path. Please note that some temporary Firefox plugin files may have long paths.

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