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When unlocking my device, I get the following error: "An important file on your IronKey (autorun.inf) was missing. Your IronKey could not restore this file to its original state."
Reference Number: AA-03430 Views: 11735 Created: 05-20-2019 03:09 PM Last Updated: 05-20-2019 03:09 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

There was a virus that was released at the end of 2008 (Conficker); it essentially rewrote the autorun file of removable devices. Due to this, our reaction was to implement an autorun verification system that would give you a warning, and prevent anything from editing this file. In an attempt to protect removable devices, some antivirus programs will make an effort and often succeed in editing this file as well.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior will be interpreted as malicious by the IronKey (as this is the same behavior as a virus), and will produce this message. If you have the proper privileges, you can try unlocking the device as Administrator:

  1. Open 'My Computer' (or just 'Computer' in Vista and 7)
  2. Right-click on the IronKey Unlocker drive and select 'Open'
  3. Right-click on the IronKey icon and select 'Run as Administrator'
  4. A prompt should be displayed asking for permission to run the program; click 'Continue'

If the issue persists, then you will need to look into your Security Software and disable autorun protection for the IronKey (consult the security software documentation for instructions). You can also simply disregard this message if your virus scans come up clean (it's just a message letting you know that there is another layer of security protecting you). 
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