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Unlocking an IronKey with a corrupt CD Volume
Reference Number: AA-03152 Views: 10419 Created: 05-15-2019 01:42 PM Last Updated: 05-15-2019 01:42 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

Even though IronKey has implemented low-level protections against data corruption, it is an inevitable risk of USB flash drives.

If you suspect the CD Volume on your IronKey device is corrupt because you cannot access it, and if you have an additional IronKey device to test with, follow the steps below to unlock the device and access the Secure Files:

  1. Insert a functional IronKey device. You do not need to unlock it.
  2. Copy the "WINDOWS" folder from the "IronKey Unlocker" CD Volume to your computer's desktop.
  3. Remove the functional IronKey device.
  4. Insert the IronKey device that is experiencing CD Volume corruption.
  5. Run the "IronKey.exe" application located in the "WINDOWS" folder on your desktop.

The IronKey Unlocker should now appear.

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