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Will my IronKey or Defender drive work with the Microsoft Windows 8 Surface tablet?
Reference Number: AA-03143 Views: 10255 Created: 05-15-2019 01:42 PM Last Updated: 05-15-2019 01:42 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

The current Microsoft Surface tablet ships with Microsoft Windows 8 RT with the restriction that only applications purchased through the Mircosoft store can be run on the device.  As a result of this restriction, the unlocker applications for IronKey and Defender devices are not permitted to run.

Devices with a Biometric scanner will unlock when biometrics are used to authenticate.

  1. Connect the device.
  2. When the LED flashes green, swipe your registered fingerprint to authenticate to the device.  The PRIVATE volume will mount.

This will only work if your device is setup with Biometric authentication (Biometric only / Biometric OR Password).  For more information you may contact technical support.

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